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I have a trailer mounted unit built by BCE in Calhoun Ga.
vanguard 16 V-Twin OHV Engine Comet pump 4040
325 GAL. tank 100 ft hose on reel 2 surface units
2 wands leaf blowers other items too.
asking price 6500.00 trailer is a diamond plate steel everything in good
located in North ga area 706-602-2287


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Mike Hughes

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No offense, but I think you are asking too much. Probably because you paid too much in the first place.

You can buy a brand new trailer with 325 gallon tank, 100ft of hose on a reel, and a 3000psi/5GPM HOT WATER machine for $6095 plus shipping.


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Mike thanks for your post I guess you failed to read all of it or maybe i forgot to type it who knows but this package comes with other items such as 2 surface cleaners that run in price of 800.00 to 1000 new but im not asking that for them pluse i dont know how many folks just give away wands I have sevral.
that the triger alone is 25 to 30 bucks each then their is turbo nozzles other tips injectors gee alot of other stuff too. see if you was a buyer and called me you would have known what you was getting and if you would read and know that you never pay asking price maybe you would i dont know it was a asking price never said Frim price ! so before you go into your spill about how much you can get something for you dont even ask how old something is or how many hours or anything you just hit me with a post oh yes im not sure about chemicals but i have over $1200. sitting in shop ready to go with this thang so you dont have to buy anything ! Thanks for you Info but get the faxs before you go puting some one stuff down ok.


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I don't think Mike was putting you down, he was simply saying the truth and I believe you know it too.

All the things you just mentioned are common items pressure washers use and would include if selling out.

The only exception might be you have two surface cleaners.

Price it fair and you will sell it, price it for the cost or above then why would anyone want to buy "used" when they can buy NEW.

When I was looking to get into this business I saw many rigs, every one was price at or above what I paid for all new equipment.

Your not going to make a profit on used equipment so adjust your asking price.

I would say $4,500 is a fair price.


Dan S

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I can understand Mike's point ...personally I wouldnt spend that much for used stuff but then again Im sure some-body will ................ When I started out in this business I had @ least 10,000 invested .............I'll never do it again ...............ran the p/wer for 3 months and the motor blew up .......rebuilt the pump after I used it 30 hours ...... hose was shoot and the burner took a poop.......YES I looked into this machine before I bought it ...however I knew nothing about a p/wer then ................ SO I will never buy any-bodys used stuff ever again when I can buy new and get a warranty .......

I wish ya luck Im sure ya will sell it some-day soon........

Is it a cold h20 machine? sure looks like it

Why are ya selling it ?

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