Grease trap stains


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Good morning gents,
Two days ago I received a call from one of my regular monthly clients, she was in a panic because a next door restaurants' grease pit overflowed. We went the next day and cleaned the entire area with 200 degree 3500psi 5.2 gpm with a concrete cleaner. It removed the grease but left dark stains in the direction the grease flowed. This area is also the same vicinity all of the tenants take to get from the parking garage to their condos.
There must be a degreaser/chemical out there that will remove these stains. Please advise.



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If you used hot water alone, then yes there is chemicals that will help it look much better. In most cases, there will be a shadow left behind, similar to when removing very old gum, but it will be much cleaner than now and with repeated cleaning will come virtually disappear.
I use sodium hydroxide and sodium metasilicate with butyl, they work well. Call me if you want, I can give you some to test it out.

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