Help identifying specific Tuff model unit


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Hi! I have a late 90s-era steam pressure washer and I'm trying to find some information on it to little success. After using some Google Fu, I found this forum and I figure if anyone could help me get some specifications, it's you all.

I'd like to know a little more about this unit. I know it's a Tuff brand steam cleaner, 18HP Vanguard engine, 12 volt Wayne burner and it's on a Tuff skid with wheels. I've been told it has an interpump, is 7.0GPM and is somewhere in the 5000-7000 PSI range. I've searched for manufacturer info and have found something that looks similar but newer than this unit (and info I found comes from here: Typical HW.pdf ).

Any information at all on this unit would be very greatly appreciated!


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