Here is my last job!



Hey everyone,

Here is a before of the deck I completed last tuesday. I rebuilt the handrails and stairs. Let me know what you think!!


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Henry Bockman

New Member
Wow, that's a itty bitty deck aint it? It looks like you did a good job on it it's just small that's all!

What sized lumber did you use on the ban boards and other structure lumber? The posts look like 4x4's but the bans look like 2x4's. In my area the building codes are a lot tougher.


Hey Henry,
All upright post are 2x4. Thats what was up there before. I wanted to go with 4x4 posts for the rail and stairs but the home owner was trying to get it done cheaper. I quoted him for 4x4 posts with 2x2 ballasts but he told me he is not married to the house and would like to have it secure and strong and looking pretty.

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