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Dan S

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how in the world can I scan a paper ( flyer) and add to it?

I can scan it and go to word but it wont let me edit .

I have XP-PRO


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your scanner probably came equipped with ocr programs, but it is a technology with many limitations. Probably what is happening is that the scanner is reading the image of the flyer, and then trying to determine if the images it sees matches the bank of texts it has stored. If the images don't match the stored text types, then it scans the flyer as an image instead of text. You have a few different options at this point, but the key is to be imaginative. The best programs out there won't do it all for you (unfortunately), so u could paste the image into word and then begin creating text boxes and such over it to manipulate the image. I prefer using programs other than word for this, such as adobe photoshop. When scanning, be sure that when you take the file to another program that you always save it as a usable file such as a jpeg. Some programs will automatically (unless you tell it not to) save your file as a type that will only work with that program so when you go to open or paste your new edited image into word, it won't open because word does not recognize the file type. hope this helps a little. I might could give you more information if you can be more specific as to what the flyer is like and what you want to do with it.

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