how to get the exact psi??


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The best method for determining
the operating pressure of a power
washer is to connect a gauge to
the pump outlet.

The better quality the gauge the
more accurate it will be.

Larry L.

PWN TEAM - Moderator Emeritus
If you already have the gauge they are a few things to check to get the rated psi.Keep the motor,pump,unloader and spray tip in mine while checking these things.The motor has to turn so many rpm's and the pump has turn so many rpm's to get the rated psi of the pump.The unloader has to be set and you have to have the right size spray tip in the wand.If its weak all you may need to do is replace the wornout spray tip.


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Always remember, you lose pressure the longer the hose you use. You will never have the exact psi rating unless you meter it right at the pump.

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