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This Pressure Washer Gun has everything that the customers have asked for, Stainless Construction and it Includes a Swivel....
ProTool Gun with 36in SS Lance, SS Quick Connects and SS Swivel


  • Pressure Washing Gun with 36in SS Lance, with Insulator, SS Quick Connects and SS Swivel
  • Rated at 4000PSI and 10.5 GPM - Max 250 F - 1/4in SS QC Tip
  • Gun Inlet is 3/8in SS Quick Connector and SS Swivel
  • Stainless Steel Construction offers durability and is great for handling downstreamed chemicals and Sodium Hypochlorite
  • SS Swivel, SS Quick Connects, SS Lance

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Shop J. Racenstien For Always The Best Products
Check Below For A Few Items That Are
Enjoy Free Shipping on orders over $50 with Free Shipping.


ProTool DIY Pure Water RODI Cart - Assembly Required -


  • Pure WaterCart as a DIY Kit, Assemble the cart yourself and save money, Assembly Required
  • Best in class 20in Carbon and DI filters offer long life and easy filter replacement
  • Rivnut hole patterns built into the cart frame for 110V and 12V pump add on
  • Easy to operate cart for one user, two with pump add on
  • Wide Solid Steel Frame is durable and stable - will not tip over


Sorbo Viper Channel -


  • Sorbo is the leader in wide body Channels
  • Quality Aluminum Extrusion with exceptional design
  • 3x4 Design offers Adjustable Rubber Slots for versatility
  • Excellent for extension pole work and straight strokes
  • Offers great control and precision to support larger Squeegee sizes


ProTool Soft Wash Metering System -


  • Dual pumps for 7.4 GPM at 60PSI and 90 PSI capable
  • Metering valves for full control over Water, SH and Surfactant
  • 3/4 in plumbing for MAX flow
  • Ready to install as a DIY Soft Wash setup in your truck, trailer or van


Gardiner TRAD Extension Pole with Tip -


  • Comes with tip for traditional cleaning tools
  • Works will all major brand over the top pole tips
  • 14 feet at full extension
  • 3 Section Carbon Composite Gardiner Pole
  • Also great for use with Protool Sprayer


New Arrival Featured ProTool Screen King Tool -


  • Removes Screens with Ease, from the outside or inside.
  • Constructed in the USA from Quality Materials
  • Strong and Durable it handles all your screen removal and spline insertion work with ease
  • A Multipurpose tool that offers a screen removal blade, bottle opener, scraper, and flat head screw driver blade
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1697573826608.png Boost Profits, Clean Effortlessly with
J. Racenstein - Window Cleaning &
Building Maintenance Supplies

Shop For All Your Solar Panel Cleaning Systems Needs.
Time is money, especially in the cleaning industry.
Efficiency is key when it comes to solar panels!
It's your golden ticket to higher profits!

✨#EfficiencyWins #CleanSmartProfitMore

J. Racenstein Solar Panel Cleaning

  • Brush 24v Powered Rotary
  • Brushes Water Powered Rotary
  • Double Brush 25in Solar Brush Electric
  • Gardiner Water Fed Poles
  • Gloves Class 0
  • ProTool Class G Helmet
  • Pure Water Tank Delivery Systems
  • Replacement Parts Lists
  • RODI DIY Complete Kits
  • RODI DIY Components

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Spook-tacular Savings!
Check out J. Racenstein - Window Cleaning & Building Maintenance Supplies
Screen Shot 2023-10-30 at 2.54.20 PM.png

Use Code: SCARY23

Valid from 10/31 to 11/6, This offer disappears 12:00 PM only! Act fast!

Whether you're in the Contract Cleaning Industry
, a professional Window Cleaner, or a Pressure Washer extraordinaire, these deals are perfect for you!

Don't miss out on these hauntingly good discounts on: Window Cleaning - For crystal clear views Solar Panels - Harness the power of the sun Pure Water - The key to a spotless clean Pressure Washing - Blast away dirt and grime Roof Washing - Keep your home looking its best House Wash - Restore your home's shine

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Enroll at J. Racenstein University for Classes in
Window Cleaning, Soft Washing Business, & Solar Panel Cleaning.

Save the Dates - April 9th to 11th, 2024, in East Rutherford, NJ.

Network with industry professionals &
gain hands-on experience for business growth!

Don't Miss this Chance to Advance your Skills!
Join J. Racenstein from April 9th to 11th, 2024, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm EDT.

J. Racenstein Address: 1 Madison St Bldg D4, East Rutherford, NJ 07073

️ Choose & Purchase Your Tickets:
  • April 9th: = $$ Solar Panel Cleaning - Solar Panel Cleaning - Equipment, Techniques, Bidding, System Maintenance, Safety, and Sales.
  • April 10th: = $$ Soft Wash Cleaning - Soft Wash Cleaning - Processes, Chemicals, Applications, Safety, Business Essentials.
  • April 11th: = $$ Window Cleaning - Window Cleaning Mastery - Tools, Techniques, Glass Science, Maintenance, and Sales Tactics.
  • All 3 Days Bundle = $$$
  • Register for Individual Classes at $99 Each OR Seize the 3 Day Bundle Opportunity! Enroll for all 3 days to receive a $99 credit towards merchandise.The Credit Must be Used the Same Day!
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Don't Miss the Ultimate Fusion of Cleaning Technologies! ✨

️ Join J Racenstein Co LLC for a revealing session on merging technologies, amplifying your tools for versatile and efficient cleaning!

Dive into the Video for insights on Transforming a Water Fed Pole into a SoftWash Powerhouse. Prepare for a groundbreaking experience! Witness Dwight Rowe's mastery as he unveils the secrets behind this innovative SoftWash System!

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Attention All Business
Owners & Cleaning Contractors!

Embrace the Spirit of Giving this Season With J.Racenstein's 2024 3 Day Training -Window Cleaning & Soft Washing, Concrete Cleaning

This Christmas, Gift Yourself, Company,
& Team the Power of Knowledge & Growth.

Kickstart the 2024 New Year in NJ with a Prosperous Note at J.Racenstein's University! Invest in your skills & business success.
Take this
educational journey to empower your company and team for the year ahead! #BusinessGrowth #InvestInKnowledge #24NewYearSuccess #JRCClasses

Classes Offered at NJ Location: January 9th-11th, 2024

✨Dates: Tue Jan 9/24, 9:00 am - Thu Jan 11/24, 3:00 pm EST

Classes: Window Cleaning & Soft Washing, Concrete Cleaning

Address: 1 Madison St Bldg D4, E. Rutherford, NJ 07073

Choose Your Tickets

Day 1: Window Cleaning and Water Fed

Day 2: Soft Washing A-Z

Day 3: Concrete Cleaning

All 3 Days!

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️Introducing J.Racenstein's Mighty Cart

This powerhouse features a powder-coated frame. Including top-notch
filters, boasting efficiency that's practically PhD-level in purification!

️ Elevate your tools to Pro-level performance without breaking the
J. Racenstein - Window Cleaning & Building Maintenance Supplies
believes every tool deserves to shine like a Pro!

Learn More: J.Racenstein Pure Water Products
Contact Us: 201-809-7500

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Maintenance Supplies is Back In Rutherford, NJ.

Join Racenstein University in NJ For Training on Solar Panel Cleaning & Soft Washing, Ancillary Services

️ Save the Date: February 6th-8th, 2024

Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm EST

J Racenstein Co LLC: 1 Madison St Bldg D4, East Rutherford, NJ 07073

Secure Your Spot Today... Register for J.Racenstein's Solar Panel Cleaning & Soft Washing, Ancillary Services. Register for an individual class for $99 each. *Register for all three days to receive credit of $99 towards merchandise. Credit MUST be used the same day!

Day 1: February 6th ( Solar Cleaning )

  • Equipment Familiarization
  • Rotating Brush – How it works
  • Waterfed Techniques
  • Bidding Work
  • Waterfed Science
  • System Maintenance
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Waterfed Safety
  • Selling Jobs

Day 2: February 7th ( Soft Wash)
  • Understanding Softwash Process
  • Softwash Chemicals
  • Delivery Systems
  • Application on roofs. siding and wood
  • Spraying Techniques
  • Chemical Safety
  • Delivery Systems
  • PPE & Safety
  • Hands on
  • Business 101
  • Sales
  • Marketing 101

Day 3: Ancillary Services

  • Gutter Cleaning Pricing, Techniques, and maintenance in and out
  • Aluminum Trim Cleaning Pricing and Techniques
  • OSHA 1910 Fall / Ladder Safety Protection
  • Awning Maintenance , Cleaning , and Pricing
  • Property Evaluations and Pricing in the Sales Process
  • Cleaning Exterior Mold
  • Plant and Property Protection
  • Cleaning Dirt and Tough Stains
  • Chemical and delivery Systems for Application on roof, vinyl, and wood surfaces
#ProfessionalDevelopment #SkillEnhancement #JRCClasses

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✨ Set a New Industry Cleaning Standard with J. Racenstein!

Why Settle For 'CLEAN' When You Can Achieve 'IMMACULATE'?

J.Racenstein Meticulously Curated
their Atrium Glass Products.
Explore JRC Specially Crafted for
Cleaning from Solar Panels to
Vinyl & Aluminum Siding.

️ Get Yours Now....Just Click on the link.

"J.Racenstein Website Link"

Call "
J. Racenstein - Window Cleaning
& Building Maintenance Supplies"
At 201-809-7500 for Expert

Advice & Recommendations!

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Check Out J. Racenstein's Facebook Reel about
The Hose Reel Hand Carry w/150ft 3/8in Hose!

✨ Purchase Your Ultimate Cleaning Companion Today!
Say goodbye to tangled hoses & hello to effortless cleaning!
Versatile, Portable, & Mountable with 100 feet of Hose Capacity!
✅ Holds up to 150ft. of 3/8in. pressure washer or industrial water hose.
✅ A-frame design provides a sturdy base for ground use.
✅ Can be mounted on wall, truck, or trailer bed for maximum convenience.
✅ Features 1/2in. water inlet and hose outlet.

#PressureWasher #CleaningEssentials #100FtHose


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Introducing J. Racenstein's Big Brother of Pure Water
Carts with the Latest Innovation!

Get ready for a game-changer in window cleaning and building
maintenance supplies!
J. Racenstein's New Pure Water Cart delivers 3+ Gallons a
Minute in a Convenient RODI Format.
Ensuring ample water supply for your tasks.

Featuring large filters, a stainless steel frame, high-flow membrane,
TDS meter, & RO choice valve, this cart is the epitome of efficiency &
quality. Plus, say goodbye to flat tires with this exclusive design
ensures smooth maneuverability every time.

️ Experience the value of a robust system with loads of water.
That's all packed into one easy-to-use cart.
Don't miss out on this essential addition to your toolkit!

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Kris Meyer

Shop J. Racenstein's Reel Black Powder Coat Large Capacity 4000psi
The Heavy-Duty Pressure Washing Reel That Means Business!

Sleek Black Finish, Robust 4000 PSI Strength.

Plus the Ability to Handle up to 250ft of 1/2" Hose.
J. Racenstein's Reel is a Powerhouse for all your Cleaning Needs.

️Don't Settle for Anything Less than Heavy-Duty Performance! Purchase yours Today!

Call (201) 809-7500 for Expert Advice & Recommendations From
J. Racenstein - Window Cleaning & Building Maintenance Supplies

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Kris Meyer

Everyone's Been Asking About A Portable Light Weight Cart.....

J. Racenstein - Window Cleaning & Building Maintenance Supplies Heard You!

Upgrade with The Eco Light 10. Get Yours Now!

A Pure Water Cart with a Stainless Steel Frame. Plus a Lightweight Design for
Improved Portability. Also Featuring Comprehensive Features & High-Quality Construction.

Key Features

1. Durable and Portable Design
2. Convenient Monitoring and Control
3. Advanced Filtration Technology
4. High Efficiency and Performance
5. Stable and Easy to Use

Additional Features

- Proudly made in the USA.
- Includes a filter wrench for easy maintenance.
- Ideal for use in areas with TDS levels above 100.
- Offers excellent value for its price, making it a smart investment.

#PureWaterCart #StainlessSteel #JRCQuality #LightWeightCart


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