Job cleaning pavers in backyard patio. Please Help!


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Hello! New to the business and I have done a handful of decks this season. A friend of mine has asked me to clean their backyard patio. There are weeds and mold between the pavers and they seem to be a bit black. I have attached a few pictures. What steps would you take and what solution would you use. Since I am just starting out hardware stores such as Home Depot and Lowes is where I will be getting my supplies from. I used "Olympic Deck Wash" and had great results on a cedar deck with over 20 years of dirt and mold on it. Obviusly I won't be using that product here.

Would pressure washing between the pavers remove the weeds or would I want to get on my hand and knees and pull them out by hand?
After the weeds are gone should I just power wash the pavers or is there a solution to use that you would recommend?
Once everything is clean, what is the best kind of sand to use? I heard that when applying the sand, you should leave some room at the top so that the sand doesn't get mixed with the sealer.
And finally, sealing. I have a pump spray that I can use or do you recommend using a roller? Also, what brand sealer that I can buy locally have the best results in your opinion?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to help me.


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If you have a surface cleaner...use it to get the weeds out as much as possible by taking slow passes with your surface cleaner. Follow up with a good wand rinse and pay particular attention to the weeds that remained after surface cleaner. You can remove the remaining weeds between the joints with a 015 tip. Hot water helps if you have it vs. cold.

Fill with sand and as Mark stated...use Seal N Lock for the sealant.

P.S. - you will not be able to remove the weeds by hand.


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Deck 2.jpgGot er done a few months back. Just had no time to post the after shots. The owners did not want to seal it which was too bad because I wanted more practice. I have done a few using a roller and a garden sprayer but it seems to take too long. What do you guys do? I am going to research more on that seal n lock product.Deck 1.jpg

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