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Tim Smith

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Your a retired Vet. I would be interested in getting your take on the military.

by the way -- Thanks for your 20yrs of service and your two sons for their service. I sure appreciate it.


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I'm 1000% behind our troops, and our actions in Iraq. I think there were very valid US security reasons for going in, despite the lack of discovered WMDs. Here's a perfect example of what y'all were saying about the media controlling what we think. We've been in Iraq for just about a year now, and have not found anything substantial. We also some officials saying they don't think they're there at all. Suddenly, the majority of the public has the opinion that there are NO WMDs, that there weren't, and that the government lied about them. There may be WMDs undiscovered in Iraq, but you'll never convince many people of that.

My point is that aside from the WMD issue, and aside from liberating the Iraqi people, there are still very good reasons for going in, US security reasons. I don't think we should run around the world fighting other people's battles, and if we are simply worried about oppressed people, and that the direction we're going, then we better get busy...there are many oppressed nations. However, when there is a potential threat to the US, we need to do something about it. The liberation of the Iraqi people is a nice benefit of our actions in Iraq, but I wouldn't have been in favor of going in simply for that reason.

As far as us pissing off the terrorists by going into Iraq, and suffering further attacks, I don't see how it matters. They were already pissed, and doing what they could to hurt us. In other words, if they can hurt us, they will, regardless of whether we fight back. The ONLY solution that I see is to pursue them until they are gone.

Yes, we ARE a superpower, and we have the weapons to take out any nation on earth in a matter of minutes. The problem is, others want that weapon too...Maybe we ought not worry about what they do internally, but I believe it is in the interests of our own security to do what we must to stop these rogue nations from developing weapons that put them on relatively even footing with the US. The point is, someone will always be the biggest dog on the block....I'm glad it is the US, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Better us than a crazy dictator (remember Hitler?).

As far as being against federal income tax, I don't see that being a real issue. What IS an issue is wasteful spending. There are some functions of the federal government that are neccesary, and if we don't pay the feds for it, we'd pay someone else, whether it is the state, local governement, or private industry. Someone has to maintain our interstate highways, keep the military functioning, deliver the mail, pay fat lazy brood mares to pop out kids every 9 months and watch soap operas (oooops, did I say that?), etc...I don't have a problem paying for things that are truly necessary...I DO mind paying for things that really aren't my responsiblity (like paying fat lazy brood mares to pop out kids every 9 months and watch soap operas (ooops, did I say that AGAIN?).

Next, democracy is NOT the backbone of our nation...We are not a democracy, were never intended to be...We ARE fast becoming one however. One of the nation's fathers warned against democracy, but I can't recall who at this moment. What IS the backbone of our nation is the constitution, which guarantees the protection of our rights.

Onecall: Your math is a bit off...If you divided that 2.36 trillion dollars evenly among every person (let's say 300 million), that would be $7,866.67. Now figure the millions who don't pay taxes (either children, or low/no income) and you get an idea of how grossly over-sized our federal government is..And that doesn't include state taxes, sales tax, local taxes, etc etc etc. What a mess!

I'm definitely in favor of gun control. This nation would fall apart over-night without gun control...I mean, picture this scenario, which is very very possible were it not for gun control:

You're lying in bed asleep, when suddenly you wake up, thinking you heard a noise, maybe breaking glass. You listen for a second, and decide to check things out. You reach over to the nightstand and grab your trusty handgun (loaded with hollowpoints, of course). You hand your wife, who is awake now, the shotgun and say "shoot anyone who comes through that door" and then you creep on out into the hallway and flip the light on. At the other end of the hallway you see a large man with a huge knife. Immediately you take aim and fire, several times. But DAMN...You couldn't keep your hand steady and you miss him every time. He rushes you, knocks you out, and heads into the bedroom after your wife. BOOOM...Your wife, who has better gun control than you, takes his head off with a double blast of buckshot.

See what might happen without gun control?

Thanks for letting me rant

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