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We just had one of our local TV stations out to film a commercial
showing a guy washing our parking lot, and capturing the waste water using our newest wash and capture rig.

The commercial is targeting business owners, and promoting dealing with power wash contractors who are Clean Water Business Partners.

This was not a buy from Mark commercial, we just provided the equipment etc. for the commercial, actually we set it up for one of our customers to be the star of the commercial. :)

It is scheduled to start airing on KXTV 10 in a couple weeks.

Many of the local contractors, should benefit from this commercial, providing they are Clean Water Business Partners.

Mike Gwas

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I am extremely interested in your set up. I have just started talking to distributers about this issue. I capture 90% of my water now but it is getting more difficult to convince the customers !!!!! Can you e-mail me info on this set up... If it is going to work for me i will order one this week, however I do need it do handle quite a bit of volume... (abelwash@comcast.net)


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An All American 5.5 GPM @ 3500 PSI Hot HP Washer, powered by a 20 HP Honda, a custom built Fury vacuum capture system powered by a 24 HP Honda running a BIG Sutorbilt blower, a Generac 7000 watt generator powered by a 14 HP OHV engine, an Easy Clean Systems recycler, Cox hose reels 200' of 3/8" 5800 PSI hose, and 100' of 3/4" Good Year supply hose, 200' of 2" vac hose on vac hose reel, two 325 gallon poly tanks, one for fresh water, and one for recycled water, a 24" vacuum surface cleaner, and a 20' vacuboom.

Call us for more information today!
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Mark what does a rig like that one with all the reclaim and filtering cost if we would want you to build one for us?? Thanks copgib


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$15-k to $60-K depending on set up.

The last one we built was @ $45-K

We have a good used unit available for

$25-K. Call me if you want more info.

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