Removing old oilstains

osmosis jim

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Does anyone have an old tried and true way of removing old oil stains from driveways.
I look around and i see a lot of talk about using baking soda and a degreasing detergent to help pull the oil out of the pourous concrete. Any better ideas out there?[help][help]

john orr

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First, I scrape any excess off. Next, on dry concrete, I apply a thin layer of kitty litter (the cheap stuff) or Oil Dry and grind it into the concrete. It may take a few applications, but by grinding-up the clay, it pushes it into the pores of the concrete and pulls out the oil. For larger areas, I have had success with ReKrete on "regular" concrete. (Not exposed aggregate or stamped.)


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Oil Stains

Let me tell you this about oil stains. Concrete and Asphalt are porious surfices and thus the oil will continue to move downward. As a former chemical sales rep for Zep, I recomend the following product. Big Orange gel. We use it on a weekly basis for gas pumps, bank drive thru's and parking lots. It will initially lighten the stain and with regular use it will draw the oil/gas from the substrate you are working on. We use it in demo's and customers are blow'n away.

Hope this helps. It's a great product.


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Where can I find the Big Orange Gel.
I came in late on this thread, while searching for something else.
I Googled the stuff, and one of the first (and most common) hits was Vendor's Equipment Inc. It must be handy for getting grubby little pawprints off of candy machines. :D
On the lower left part of the page, click "CLEANING PRODUCTS," then "ZEP Cleaners and Degreasers." They have Big Orange-E in 5-gallon pails, cases of (12) 24-oz. cans, and cases of 12 bottles, quarts I think.

Somebody even had some on eBay, asking $10 for an aerosol can of it.


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Do this. Find Gemini Coatings Safe-Strip (Dist. in many ICI Delux) apply straight, let stand 2 minutes and powerwash. Then apply the cat litter to remove the stain. (Safe Strip is also the best product know to man kind for stripping decks, it doesn't darken wood and won't harm plant and shrubs.)

Mr. Viking

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I'm really late on this thread, but can you give some specific instruction on using Big Orange? I've got 4 credit unions that I'm bidding on - drive thru pads - fair amount of oil stains. What kind of dilution rate? Dwell time? Agitate or leave it alone? Hot water ok?



Larry L.

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One of the best chemcils in the world is (hotwater) for removing oil stains.

Not saying none of the above chemcils want do as they say and think the dollor store mean green will do the same.But really hotwater and a dust of portland on oils stains is all you need.

Do a deep search on this board on oil stains,it has some of the best info I know of,you will even find home made brew for cleaning.Reason I'm telling you this is I may not be back to this board for a long long time.Do the search on anything you want to know about cleanng,its there.You'll find info from professionls that know the ends and outs on flatwork(dusting with portland),home brew for house cleaning,remove hardwater stains.


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