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Hello to all, this board is great and I appreciate all of the info you guys have shared here. I have a few questions.

Do you always seal concrete after you clean?

What concrete sealer do you prefer?

Does it help when you seal the concrete of a high traffic area, such as a restaurant?

How often do you clean if you seal the surface at a residence? At a business?

Thanks in advance for the information.


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Most of the people that I've clean the concrete for don't want to go the extra mile and put a sealer on...WHY I don't know...Guess money for one reason... Well good luck and welcome to the board...

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Cleaned & seald concrete for new McDonalds with V-Seal 20 year warranty.Not too many people go for the sealing dont know why??? Except to XPENCIVE for them.. Wild Man...


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Just wondered if sealing affects anything in the winter when its icy out? Does it make the concrete more or less slippery?



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Cost To Have This Sealer Applied Averages Out To About
Three 1/2 To Four 1/2 Cents A Square Foot Per Year

For Product And Labor Based On A Twenty-Year Cost Per Foot Projection.

Compare That To A Cost Of About 12 1/2 Cents A Square Foot Per Year For The Lower Priced Sealer Based On A Five-Year Cost Per Foot Projection.

NOTICE: With the proceeding figures - there is a bigger profit margin in the 20 year sealer! (it's a one time seal job sale - got to get paid for the loss of future potential revenue)


Sealer will not create any real noticeable difference as far as being slippery.
It will SEAL OUT salts & chemicals that can crystallize in the pores of the pad and create chipping. It also seals out water which can expand in the pores when frozen. This can create new cracks in the surface. Damage can shift the broken area which will create a liability if someone falls.


The best place to promote that seems to be new home owner. The thing to point out to them is that (at least in this area) concrete cost About $73.85 Per Square Yard. (of course you & I know that a drive or walk isn't a square yard thick)

Good Luck!

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Hi Guys,
What is this "V-Seal" product? Solvent or waterborne based sealer? 20 years is along time for a warranty on something going down on flat work. Sounds like a miracle product. What is the cost per 5 gal.? Where is it sold? Is literature available on it? Anyone been using it for any length of time(3-10yrs.)?
I know these are all questions, but I'm skeptical of product's claims. I use 20 yr. acrylic paint on buildings, but in reality they're good for about 5-8 yrs. before they breakdown.


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