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Did a job today left and went to a gas station got a bite to eat not in there 15 min. Came out one of my hoses were cut like they tried to take it and my surface cleaner which is locked to the trailer was taken advantage of. I have a 24" steel eagle with the deublin swivel. They took the swivel and everything underneath steel eagle wants $400 to replace it all can anyone give me advice on a cheaper price I know the swivel cost about 350. I dont know Just fustrated any advice will be appreciated.


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Sorry to hear of your misfortune.

We have replaced several of the Deublin swivels, with Steel Eagles
new Talon swivel, with good results.

Call or e-mail me, and I will get you a price quote on a replacement
kit consisting of Talon swivel and spray bars with two #? nozzles.

It is 5:40 AM now in California I will be at shop in 2 hours.

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