Credit Card Acceptance

Easy Restore

Easy Restore
Hey all,
I just finished testing the new "Square" credit card acceptance program and LOVE IT.
I ran it for a month just to do a side by side test against my current bank, (PNC). Here are some of the differences.
Square does not charge a set up fee, monthly fee, or any other hidden fees except for the transaction fee of 2.75% across the board for ALL credit cards, including Amex. Once you sign up for an account, set up your banking info, you get a little square card reader that plugs into an Android or I-phone only. I am not sure if you can use it on a desk top/laptop computer or not. I just use it while at a customers home. Money is deposited into your account the next day, which was faster than my bank. There are some downsides, such as if you don't have the actual card, you can manually put in the cc #'s but the rate goes up to 3.5%.
So if you need to cut back on monthly CC expenses, check it out at

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