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When i first looked at the pictures i felt exactly what Dan Flynn said.I figured i must be missing something here.I am not very critical so i didnt reply.Looks kind of like damping concrete mix over the stains to hide them and sweeping it up.I have seen worse concrete made look much better by just washing,cold water,no degreaser.Whats wrong here??Paying and charging that much for something costumers surely expact more than that


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The industry that we are in points to the finished picture of what job we have just completed. With this type of product, we would be explaining why our finished product is plus or minus from the first start. The finish picture should sell the product-should not create more issues to overcome.


Richard R.

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Hey Guys,

Looks like the proof is in the pudding. As bad as I would like to look on the positive side, I can't.
First off I would like to Thank Jon for spending the time and effort trying this product for the rest of us.
I even appreciate Mike standing up for what he believes in, but lets face it, there is an enormous amount of negativity in this product.
I tryed to look on the positive side, but after looking at the pictures and going to the web site that Dan provided from the company, I have to say the majority has a pretty full proof case.
As for the math?? What's up with that. I have to agree with Cody whole heartedly on that. I'm sorry but that's pretty unbelievable within itself.
$4.90 per lbs if I buy 20lbs and $16.00 per lbs otherwise. "Wow"

There is however one question that I have.
Wouldn't there be new oil spots to deal with by the time this chemical finally covered up the oil spots it originally set out to cover? If this is the case, this would be another mark that would effect my decision to use it over the conventional method of power washing.

I recently learned about a chemical (degreaser) that a lab technician swears will take up the stains left behind by the burnt carbon. He says that it will not only take up the grease, but will take up the stain as well. (How many times have we heard this before?)
I'm not sure I'm clear on the rules of this BB about revealing non supporting brand names, so I will try it first and if it truly works, I will get Dan's permission before I post it. If by chance it really works, (which I highly doubt), I will share the news by personal emails only.
I'm sure some of you guys have already tryed it before, but just in case you haven't, I will test it anyway.

Take Care
Richard R.

Dan Flynn

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Another incredible claim!

Try it out and let us know either way. If it works great for everyone. If it doesn't, well I guess you will just be unveiling another person/company trying to sell a product on hype and not performance.

Get some before and after pictures, make sure you use the product as directed. Then let us all know.

If you feel like doing that, thanks in advance Richard :)


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Thing about all this talk about pave clean is the people that don't think the product is any good didn't see a demo just some pictures. Saw a demo last week has its place in the market place. Granted I think the brochure is misleading but the demo has me convince it helps clean up oil just another thing to add to my arsenial. Another thing there are threads on other boards that I think you all should look about pave clean. Look at Rons board.


Richard R.

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Sorry Charlie,
I visited Ron's board and observed the pictures and I still can't see reasons for the hype. It seems to me that if it takes that much effort to look, study and examine a product this close, that should be a definite warning sign.
I live in an area where it is hard enough to get the Bank Drive Thrus, let alone charge enough to make it worth my time. If I were to get this type of results, using pave clean, two things would happen, I would go broke and my clients would run me off. The sad thing is, I wouldn't blame them.
The chemicals I use already cleans the grease up very good and there is very little stain left when I'm done. I sure don't want to leave powder behind or have people asking the Bank Tellers what the stuff is on the drive.
I don't know if anyone else uses what I use, but if you don't you should. It does an excellent job and it's some pretty strong stuff. I've had it to clean the stains too depending on how bad they are.
All you need to do is spray it on, let it dwell about 15 or 20 minutes and rinse it off with very hot water. I have used this with my cold water with 3500psi with good results and my 1000psi with 248 degrees and got even better results.
I can only imagine what it would do if I had a machine like the majority of you have, 3000psi with 210 degree heat.
I am working on trying another product at the present time, but if you use the products or chemicals I listed above, your going to find that it will be extremely hard to find anything that is better.
If anyone has a problem getting the chemicals, let me know and I will help you get it. Just don't spray it on painted surfaces, it will remove the paint too. Another thing you might find amazing is that it will clean the gum ghost too, but so will highly concentrated sodium hydroxide.
If you haven't ever used these products, you will probably stop looking any further because it is that good. Let me know if any of you are interested and I will help.
If anyone has tryed it and has not had good results, let me know. Most likely the company that you use is using the wrong recipe.

Take Care
Richard R.
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Like I mentioned before I saw the demo in person. Liked the product on helping clean the oil. Never said that there were no other products out there that wouldn't clean up oil. I personnally don't like the idea of having to contain the water, to many liabilities on proper water disposal. Just another thing I can offer people with out worring about all the legal issues. Pave clean is spoce to help clean up oil not make your concrete look like knew. As I stated before the actual pictures are misleading. Saw the demo last week like what I saw. my $$$ worth.


Richard R.

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I think you may have misunderstood my post.
I'm not disputing anyones opinion.
I'm just stating mine and sharing some alternative ideas.
I totally understand those who are trying to avoid the legal issues.
I think it's good that the pave clean company has those that believe in their product. I would hope for the same if I had a product on the market.
My personal opinion is that Pave Clean seems to be a high tech kitty litter. I can only imagine the damage it would do to my business if every time someone called me to clean graffiti I showed up with a gallon of paint to paint over it instead of power washing it.
I also think this method is a good way to damage the integrity and reputation of many power wash businesses, but if that's what people want to do, it's their call.
It's obvious that the Pave Clean company may have used half a warehouse full of product when they did the commercial for their website. I think that is consumer deception and I would not support that kind of business no matter how nice their sales person may be.
Please understand that this is not directed or intended to offend anyone, I'm just exercising my opinion like everyone else.
Would I change my mind if I would have seen the demo like others have, Maybe, but I doubt it. The pictures on Ron's site and the pictures on pave clean's web site sends a very clear picture to me.
It reminds me of an old Power Washers saying. How Clean is Clean and How clean do you want it? In this case the question is: do you want me to clean it , cover it or soak it up.

No Disrespect to Anyone
Richard R
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Mike Hughes

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Post by Cody

The following is a post by Cody:

Hey Charlie,,

1. No offense here d00d,,, just wanted to clarify something. You keep saying how well Pavecrete "cleans" YOU really ought to start saying how well Pavecrete "hides" this will better describe the product.

1a. I would love to see someone post an after 2weeks picture. I would guess that it may look like hell. Figure a couple leaky ole jalopies driving over it a few times leaking our Radiator fluid, oil, tranny fluid, Then toss on a few cokes, a couple cups of coffee, a few packs of bubble Yum, SOme fries, an old diaper, some cigeratte nicotene stains & a bunch of lung biscuits & I'd bet that Pavecrete would be real attractive. This is yet another thing I think many people over look when looking at this product. If that Pavecrete came to one of my jobs & made it look like the one in the demo, It would look ten times as bad in a week since all the staining materials would SHINE thru. Hell it'd probably piss my customers off in the long run. The nice thing about Concrete is that it really does do a fine job of hiding stuff like that, yes it gets bad but toss all that stuff that you wash up onto a painted Garage floor & what would it look like?

2. I saw the pics on ROns board (I stumbled there on accident by following a Link on another board.) Those Before & after shots Sucked too! I saw he had made a comment like " this has it's place" what is he getting a commission now or maybe he's trying to get Pavecrete to advertise on his site? When you see that Pavecrete banner on his Ron's forums You'll know where his oponion came from eh!

Mike Hughes

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Post from Jon:

Now why not let things be, first off I was the one who got the Pave Clean demo going and Ron took the time to drive up here to see it.

I also spent enough time with him to say he is no different then the rest of us, other then when he talks I know I am not deaf, his voice BOOMS out.

Ok that aside to understand Pave Clean you need to understand that they do not claim it is a cure all, only a tool that helps and it does not hide, it dries up the oil and you sweep up the stuff to dispose of. Also it takes sometimes two treatments before better results show up.

No I am not sold on it but will be doing the same test area a few times so I can see if it gets better or stays the same. Mike Hughes also wants to know that so it is worth doing, no biggie with time as it is close to my home.

Dan Flynn

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Here's the problem I see. Like it or not if they would have said even one word you did. Maybe it would have been accepted and receive better from most.

You know what?

Since these pictures came out, I hear all of a sudden this product is not a cure all, it's only an absorbent, just another tool in the box, mainly an alternative to pressure washing for environmental reasons and so on.

If this product was presented from the beginning as all the above. I think it would have been received with more of an open mind as some say. I am sure it has great absorbent qualities.

But the bottom line is. It was present as if it was the cure all, and still is on there site.

Here are some things from their site.

All driveways and pavement, whether built with concrete or asphalt, have one thing in common. Sooner or later they will become blemished with grease, oil, transmission or brake fluids, or all sorts of unsightly stains. (See picture on left).
Pave-Clean is the solution to all of these problems. With
Pave-Clean, you can clean up oil stains, grease stains, and transmission and brake fluids using NO WATER! Pave-Clean is environmentally safe, incredibly easy to use, and produces results that you can see immediately! (See picture on right) What are they saying here?

If the real world demo results don't look like the picture they refer to on the right. Why are we being referred to it? Shouldn't a more consistent result, be the photo we're referred too. If this statement and the referred photo doesn't give you the impression that this product is a cure all. Then again I apologize.

Right below the photos it has this statement (*above images are not retouched or altered in any way)

Again giving me the impression these incredible before and after pictures are the results I should expect. Above that it says don't be fooled by imitations.

Why allow Your Customers and Neighbors to see messy, unsafe concrete? What Does This Mean?

I agree with the above statement, and if the results looked like your photos I think a lot of others would agree as well. But instead of a black greasy mess, we now have a black greasy mess with a hazy white hue.

I think my neighbors would still be angry.

With Pave-Clean you can eliminate unsightly stains and your home or business will look its very best without emptying your wallet! What Does This Mean?

I guess this statement with the photos doesn't indicate that this is a cure all product either?

Pave-Clean offers many advantages to conventional pavement cleaning. The results speak for themselves.

So, yes if the results look like the photo on pave clean's site. And NO if they look like the photos we now have seen from the demo. Also the 5 day after is the best. If a parking lane I cleaned looked like that 5 days later. I know I would get a call and the owner would say. I see a bill on my desk! But did you even come???? AHhhhhhhh YYYYaaaa I even used a new product called Pave Clean! (It’s says on their website in the FAQ section, that it's an excellent REPLACMENT to the traditional pressure washing techniques. Don't you like it? As I said I think people have a legitimate reason to the reaction we all have seen in these posts

Pave Clean is fast (most contractors report over 50% saving in labor time), it provides a better result [What Does This Mean[/b]

I suppose the sentence above means the pave clean is not the cure all and is only another tool in the box??????

Ok this one is good

Pave-Clean has been in the commercial market for years and is fast becoming the only answer for both commercial and home-owners' needs. Pave-Clean meets all EPA standards and will provide you with safe, effective and consistent results every time. Not convinced yet? View actual results for yourself with the following before/after pictures as well as testimonials from actual clients. What does this mean

Here is another statement indicating that this is only another tool and is not the cure all. Since you can't copy photos from there site. Here is the link to 3 very consistent results that are not very consistent with the demos.

Click here to see what you should expect from Pave Clean (as they say consistent results every time. What happen to the time at the demo?????????

Ok I know I sound sarcastic, but shouldn't I be?????

I feel that Pave Clean's website is very deceptive to say the least. I also feel that it is being marketed as a replacement to pressure washing and a cure all for unsightly oil and similar stains.

With an incredibly consistent result that looks just like new concrete, and we all should expect that result every time. There site indicated that this product will eliminate the stain in one easy application every time. Everything your read in this post is from their site.

Now that this wasn't all crack up to be what we thought. All I hear is this is an absorbent, not a cure all, just another tool in the box and it take several applications.

Doesn't say any of the three statements above, anywhere on thier website that I can see. Not only does it not say that on the site. It says all of the above instead (JUST THE OPPOSIT). The few comments you just stated Jon and many others stated. Came after the demo, which means that’s what they told you then. Well can someone explain their web site and comments on other bbs? Again if what you say Jon is how they said it. I think everyone could see that this product could be a tool some way or another. But They DIDNâ€T AND STILL DONâ€T!

I think that the contractors from the demo are saying one thing and pave clean web site and posts from other bbs are say just the opposite. What I don’t understand is why isn’t what I said above and what others have said being recognized. It’s plain to see. Instead a company that in my mind is marketing a product in a deceptive manner and as an eliminating stain cure-all. But people are defending them and saying they never said the above. When they have and still are. I would think most people would be angry. Not from the demo results but from the false claims.

I just don’t get it and can’t understand why when the facts are stated people get a little defensive instead of concerned about the deception.

Just my opinion, But I would like for anyone who might have the answer to provide them or even an opinion.

Why is it, when others including me give an opinion that isn’t exactly desirable in pave clean’s favor; considered bashing or negative. When they are only the facts that are provable. Should we just ignore this? I don’t think that’s what we should do. And yes I would drop it if there wasn’t a reason to bring it back up.

Hey I wish pave clean was a cure-all and to be honest I would accept it for what it is if it was promoted as something that it’s not.


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I agree with Dan but there is something I don’t understand. This product is an absorbent. The particles are put down it absorbs the contaminants such as oil and ect. When it rains the absorbent is obviously washed away into the storm sewers with the contaminants it absorbed. How is this product environmentally friendly. It just seems like it makes it easier for new contaminants to be washed away by the rain.

Richard R.

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The thing I don't understand is if you apply a white substance on the concrete, wouldn't it make the next oil spill look a little worse than a spill on normal concrete?

Am I the only one who views this product as a glorified kitty litter? Do other Power Washers carry kitty litter or other types of absorbents in their arsenol?
Is their only a few who see this company's web site as consumer deception?

Just Curious.

Rcihard R.

Dan S

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well Charlie !!!!!!!! that is what this bb and all the other ones is all about.......either "debate" or just "shooting the bull" we all have a option to (view and read).....

I think too many of us are so quick to say something; that we forget why this bb is here .... to help others out.. and if talking about a product and getting all info. possible .. is not your bag then please dont click on it..........

I for one look forward to reading all info.... as a matter of fact i would rether read it here then to have a demo... this way i can read at my pleasure and not worry about trying to make an appointment..................


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Well Dan

I figured on how to disable the notification on this subject. Don't judge this product or any other product by what other peoples say , sometimes you have to be open minded on things to get ahead.


Dan Flynn

PWN Founder

Go to your user cp and you can unsubscribe from it. As far as your other posts. I don't feel a demo will change the fact the pictures look like crap. A picture is worth a thousand words and one demo. Plus the fact they mislead on their web site.

What's your take on that? Let's pretend this product is the best thing that hit the planet. I still wouldn't buy it If I was mislead.
Please fill me in on what you think about that. I can see your point regarding seeing it for yourself. Even though I have seen enough. I still see your point.


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I have experienced in my other business where people will say that they don't like a certain product and found out that they were misinformed, so when I see something that I can fit into my business I try to contact a person that can answers my questions. As I stated before I feel the product was mislead on the website. So when I sell the service I will not use there brochures only pictures that I have taken. I do this with my other services and it works fine. Honesty is the best policy I Agree. We might not agree on this product, but I do respect your opion. Have a nice day.


Richard R.

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This issue reminds me of the basic power washers question. How clean is clean?
I think we are in agreement that each of us have a totally different opinion about this product and other issues on this board, which leads me to believe we also have a different opinion as to what is "Clean" out in the field.
This product seems to employ folks that strongly support it's purpose as much as those who oppose it. I can't help but wonder if there is something I'm over looking.

In your post, you said. "So when I sell the service I will not use their brochures only pictures that I have taken. I do this with my other services and it works fine. "
I know there is nothing in it for you, but if you ever get time and it's not an inconvenience, would it be possibles to post the pictures that you will be showing your customers and let us in on there positive and negative feedback.

I would like to be opened minded, but it is hard to do with the current pictures I've seen here on this board, along with the obvious misleading web site info that we all agree too.

Thanks and Take Care,
Richard R.
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I will post them, but it won't be till early spring, see I take a sebadicle in the winter months. I don't have the luxery on working for more then 7 months due to our weather.


Charlie in Wi.

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