Jon's Pictures of PaveClean demo


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pave clean demo, fefore picture

I will post before, during and after pictures. I will let the pictures talk for me and the others who saw the demo can post their replies as what they throught of it.



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pave clean demo, applying

This is during the application.


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pave clean demo, 5 days after

This picture was taken 5 days after the demo.


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After Demo picture

This was taken when the demo was done.


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This demo picture was different location

This demo picture was taken at another location that is done every 3 month.

You can get an idea of how the parking space is done with this picture.


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Mike Hughes

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PaveClean demo pics

Jon, I merged your posts to put the pics all in one place!

I could not get them to be in perfect order......oh well.

David Saulque

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I am lost for words. I would not sell the PW. Now, should I have made the trip from Sacramento?


Dan Flynn

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Is it me, or is this a joke. I would be embarrassed to represent that result. I certainly wouldn't have allowed pictures to be taken.


Tell me the finale picture is missing. If not those results resemble a conversation I had with Mr. Jennings via email.
Sarcastic and irragant. Funny the biggest attitudes produce the worst results. Reminds me of Lance.

For give me for the harsh words. But all the hype and this is 100 times worse than I thought it would be. I knew there was no way to blend all the different tones of concrete. But I thought it would at least cover up the spot.

Here's a better method. Hot water pressure wash, with a degreaser. Then to get fancy. Sprinkle a little concrete dust on the spot. It will look way better than that.

Thank you for sharing and taking the time to investigate this product Jon.

Please add your opinion!

Mike Hughes

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The point you are all missing here, is that this is not supposed to be a quick fix, one time only product.

It is my understanding that the product is meant to work over an extended period of time, with multiple applications. It is absurd to think that you're going to sprinke it on there, and its going to make all of the oil disappear on the first application.

I dont think any of us here should be saying negative things about it until one of us does an extended test on this product to see if it really does what they say it does. I'm not volunteering......I'm too busy.

JR Wood

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I'd probably be fired before the 10th application or whatever it takes.

Quote from Mike,
"It is absurd to think that you're going to sprinke it on there, and its going to make all of the oil disappear on the first application."
Mike from all the posts I have read,they made it sound like it was a miracle,that you could just sprinkle it on,and from the before and after pictures I have seen on other sites it is obvious that they were somewhat misleading.Anyway, if I was paying someone to clean my concrete and it looked like that when they were done I would be pretty mad.Most of my customers WANT a quick fix.


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As I understand Pave Clean you will have to go back 10-14 days later and reapply Pave Clean because it keeps on working on the oil that is in the concrete. Also I was told not to think it would make the concrete look like new just help remove oil that is on the concrete. Remember that the proper way of cleaning the drive-thrus is to contain the water with the oil and properly dispose it. If you don't do this you will get a heck of a fine. To me Pave Clean is a alternative from getting into all the legal issues with powerwashing drive-thrus. Will have a demo of Pave Clean done for me and will judge it for my self. My $$ worth


Dan Flynn

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I have to get going. I will give my opinion when I get back from work. Regarding why I made what I feel are remarks that are merited.

Yes Mike I agree that it's absurd to think you sprinkle this product on and it will disappear. But that is how it's being marketed. It also states nowhere on their site it takes multiple applications over an extended period of time.

It's represented as a very simple single application, with incredible results, that is environmental safe. They show start to finish photo's. The first picture looking just like Jon's demo and the last looking like a brand new area. Stating just below it's that easy.

So yes I agree that if Jon did the test we should be cautions of our opinion. Especially if they are negative. But this was a professional demo by Pave Clean. I would expect the results to be consistent with the photos on their website. The only consistency I see is with the before picture.

The photos actually look worse after the demo. It looks like a big mess someone tried to cover up. Would you not be embarrassed to leave a job looking like that?

I think the main point is what John has stated, this look misleading to me. If you read and look at their website. Then do a search on all the boards and read the posts. I think it's clear that Jon's photos should look like the Pave Clean's training photos on their website.

Either the guy on the pave clean website wears the same clothing everyday. Or that's one application. If you look at the shadow in the demo photo's. They have not moved much. So that doesn't seem like an extended period of time for the results I see.

So was that an isolated situation. Or is that not the results they indicate you should get after one easy application?

Well why does Jon's demo look the way it does? I'm not trying to rub anyone the wrong way. Jon offered to get the demo and share the results with everyone. I'm just disappointed at the results. Considering what I have read, heard and the photo's I viewed.

Facts are facts negative or not!

Here is the link to their start to finish photos

After you look and read that page, and if anyone feels I am out of line with my opinion. I'm sorry!

Walt Graner

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Funny stuff, reminds me of the "microbial" bug craze 5 years ago. What a bust. I go for the power wash, degreaser and portland cement sprinkle.


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Ok guys let me say I do give credit to Jim for being honest, he did state that this product is NOT a cure all product. I know it is marketed as a cure all but by being honest that goes a long ways with me.

One thing I forget to mention is they make something to mix with the white to cause it to change color some, not really sure if the more you add the more black it gets but you can go from gray to black with this added in.

Yes you pay for that too but say you are doing a drive though that has gray concrete, mix it to come as close to that color as you can and it won't show as much.

This job was not colored concrete.


I'm with Walt,
Doesn't the portland cement do the same thing. At least it has for me on the heavy oil spots. I usually spread some on and brush in with a broom for a more even application. Either way your not removing, just camoflaguing (msp?).

Thanks Jon for taking the time to research and share the results with us. I feel you are honest about the outcome as it is not all negative. It does look better, however, I agree with what Dan said as I feel we should expect better results after what we've heard about this product. Now I question the promotional pictures as they did look a little unbelievable.

JR Wood

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I agree with every single word dan has said.I went to the web site and read all the posts and the results that have been shown in this post is far different from all the hype and before and after pictures that are floating around.I have done many garage floors with COLD water and degreasers and have had a better result than what I see here.I would be ashamed of asking for payment to be honest.

Andy Wheatley

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I don't see how he would, but did the Pave Clean Rep seem happy with the way the demo turned out?

I'm not familiar with Portland cement, once brushed in will it stay, and does the surface have to be dry before its brushed in?


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<font color=e87400>Hey guys LOng time :)

Well reading this post I figured I'd drop in my 2 cents worth too.

After looking at the before & after pics that have seen posted here I'm figuring that for Pavecleans demo he definitely did it in one day but probably used 1lb of product to 10sqft of surface remember this little disclaimer * coverage areas are based on averages only. Deeper stains, or coarser surface areas will increase the amount of product needed. So you could probably really lay that crap on & camouflage just about anything.

Here's My problems with Paveclean
1. I don't have ANY respect for Paul Jennings, after a little spat that took place on another Forum some time back I realized that he is just someone that I'd just assume not do business with. Any man that can spew out the way he did calling people names, calling people liars & what-not to a whole slew of potential Clients is just someone that I cannot trust, thus I cannot trust his product!

2. The Product pricing is INSANE! If you purchase it by the pound it's like (Not including shipping!) $16 for one lb & $98 for 20lb. Now do some math here. To buy one lb of this product you are paying an additional $11.40 ~v~ the 20lb bulk price That's 230% more. Now to me this just states RIP-OFF. Yes you always pay less for bulk, but this is ridiculous. The cost basis does not reflect this much difference in the smaller container re: packaging materials or labor. At best the product should sell for not more than $10 per pound. But should be at a "Honest" price of $7.50 per pound!

3. Pricing per Sqft. If you purchase the product by the 20lb package your cost is approx. $0.06 per sqft including shipping. 6 cents cost for just the materials. How much for labor? From what I've read & seen I'm guessin that the application time is close to the same as powerwashing so figure about 6cents persquare foot for labor (Which is only like $18.00 per drive through lane for an application which seems fairly intensive) Now you're lookin at a customer cost is 12cents persquare foot. That's pretty expensive & that's the cheapest it's gonna get (you can save a little more here if you purchase it in mega bulk, Buying $764 in one pop will save u 10% & $2700 can save you %20, however unless you are really using alot of this product this size order would probably not be conducive for most people.)
  • The above prices are based on Pavecleans statement that the average coverage area with the product is 120sqft per pound or 2200sqft per 20lb,, Then there is this disclaimer statement "they" make * coverage areas are based on averages only. Deeper stains, or coarser surface areas will increase the amount of product needed which says that that 120sqft could end up at 60sqft or worse thus propelling the material cost from 6cents to 12cents per sqft making it 16cents per sqft cost to the customer. It also creates concern for estimating. If worse needs more then you better have you estimate dead on or padded a pretty fair share incase more product is required.
4. I have never talked to Paul Jennings, I had asked questions re: the product before on the forums & his reply was to call. Well.. I figured that if i had to call to get those answers (that many had asked also with the same reply) then he was going to try & sell me, & if he needed to sell me then my concerns were legitimate & needed to be gotten around in order for me to buy the product. MY concerns were. Gum Removal, Wind problems Rain Problems & Tracking the product by vehicles onto seal-coated parking areas. Rain being a major concern since I can still powerwash in the rain. I live in FL ,, lots of rain, You either work in it or u may not work for several days at a time And Tracking being a large secondary concern since so many properties are getting the Seal-Coat applied. ( & if you don't know,, seal-coat, is a nice shiney "super black" surface coating applied to parking areas. You can see light discolorations from a mile away on them, if this product tracks off the applied area at all onto these surfaces it will look like HELL!)

As far as the environmental concerns. Check with your local municipality to see if you can discharge that water to a grassy area. This is allowed in every city that i work in in Florida & we have Zero discharge allowance to Storm Drains! According to my regulatory admins discharging the contaminated water to the Grassy areas allows the water to "Percolate thru the earth & cleanse prior to entering the aquifer, heh, & our aquifer is like 2ft :) Just FYI

To close.
I give the guy props for getting his product to market, marketing & setting up what he has, however given his attitude when conversing with him & the product cost I won't be in any hurry to try it! Frankly I just hate the guy! And after seeing Johns demo pics my feelings of the worthlessness of the product are reassured.

Myself I'm sticking with Hot Water & Degreaser where I can get up the gum, lighten the stains & hit the under canopys & the walls real quick to add that extra ouch & occasionally I'll use a little Portland Cement 1.29 40lb bag 400sqft coverage $0.003 perft material cost!

Have a nice day

Mike Hughes

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Not to excuse the incident you were referring to, but I went to a PaveClean demo about a week after that whole thing went down.

Mr. Jennings himself attended the demo. He was a heck of a nice guy. Now, granted, he was trying to sell his product........but nonetheless, I still liked him.

My 2 cents.

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