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john orr

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Here's what I have: Hot/cold 4000psi/4gpm 16hp briggs, AR direct drive pump, 200 gal tank, 945 hours, 14 months old.

Here's the problem: While working the other day, I had full pressure for a fews seconds, then the pressure would tail-off to almost nothing and was also sputtering. I also noticed that most of the water was bypassing back to the tank. Hmmm.

What I though was the problem: a) the unloader - seemed reasonable, given the symptoms; b) the pump - also seemed reasonable, given the hours.

I took it to my local Landa dealer, who diagnosed the unloader as being the problem, also found that the spring in the chem injector was broken and the ball was heavily pitted. Replaced the unloader, ball and spring - total $112. Seemed to work, but didn't when I got back to the job site.

Returned to the dealer. Another mechanic discovered that the chem injector had debris in it. It looked like a piece of plastic washer. Uh oh! Replaced chem injector (didn't really need it, but only $15) flow switch (was worn badly - also reasonable given the hours) and rebuilt pump (valves and seals) plus 2 1/2 hours @ $60/hr.

In summary: The piece of plastic in the chem injector was part of a valve. Wound-up spending $450 and 1/2 day in the shop.

Lesson learned: Do the recommended preventative maintenance!


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if you had a ts2021 pump?A rebuild kit[the easyest pump to rebuild]?,al606 unloader,and a spare injector on your rig. You can replace these thing's in about 40 min yourself.
total cost of part's $210.
You can tell I work a lot of sunday's.
I connect my unloader,flow switch,and injector's with the threaded QD TYPE fitting's. Save's a lot of time.
I can change out the brass pack's and valve's in a ts2021 in about 20 min.
1000 hrs is not much to be blowing out a seal.
Then again it is a direct drive. No cusion for vibration,no barrier for heat transfer from engine to pump.
What maint. would have stopped a seal from getting broken?
Did you not change the oil?
I own 1 used tranny drive cold water washer. Never again.
Belt drive ts2021 only.
very very easy to work on and cheap.
for $450 i could buy a brand new pump,unloader,flow swith,pressure swith and injector.

Scott Stone

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I ttakes me longer than that to rebuild a pump. I also rebuild them about every 8 months, or it works out to about 750 to 800 hours. 1000 hours is not unreasonable to me.
As for the TS 2021 pump, being easy to rebuild, Il ike it and t he Comet pump, mainly because I have found the parts on the pump head are interchangeable, and they have pretty much the exact same design, except the Comets don't last nearly as long.
I have never rebuilt an AR pump. I have never had one that lsated a week when I have tried it yet. I will not use them ever again, unless I get some compelling evidence that their pump quality has improved.

Scott Stone


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I guess it depends what model AR pump you are referring to.

I have had very good reliability with the AR XW series pumps.


* Manifold is high strength forged brass manifold for long term use * Plungers are extra thick solid ceramic titanium impregnated for extended seal and pump life * Crankcase is oversized die cast aluminum with special cooling fins for extended pump life in continuous duty applications * Bearings are premium SKF tapered roller bearings that provide extra load support, smoother and lower crankcase running temperatures and overall extended pump life * Valves, seats, and springs are stainless steel with specifically designed cages that provide positive seating and extended valve life * Seals and v-packings are continuously lubricating for extended life * Plunger rods are high strength stainless steel * Connecting rods are oversized two piece special alloy

:) Pumps/XW 1450 rpm (2003).pdf


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The link you posted does not work.

I've got two direct drive 4gpm cold water machines that have AR pumps. Both have given me excellent performance. They are reasonably priced, and affordable to keep an extra one on hand.

The last AR I bought came from Mark. It included an unloader, and was literally a hot swap. Four bolts and a set-screw, and you're on your way in about 5 minutes.

I don't know how they are to rebuild.

Larry L.

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The last powerwasher (Tuff) I bought had a Legacy on it,usually I'll replace it with a Cat mobel 55 before I use the new washer.I didn't replace the Legacy and thought I'd run it and see if I could get atleast a few months out of it.I think its two years old now and still running the Legacy without any problems.This is something hard for me to believe because back when I started washing a pump of this type didn't last long.I run strong upstream soap though this pump day in and day out,I would have bet several dollars it wouldn't have lasted over 3 or 4 months as to what I put a pump though.I did carry the Cat pump with me for awhile just in case but so for no problems.I don't know nothing about them or how they are to work on but they look simple.Always before I'd run from a pump of this type b/c of the V-packing not lasting long,now I'm scatching my head wondering what did they do different,they still look the same.

Michael T

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equipment maintanance & repair

John, Learn to do your own maintanance and repair. Ill be you are a hands on type of guy, being in this type of business. Everything you need to do is rather simple. And after the first time your confidence will be 100% + . My experience early on was I had only one machine and couldnt afford the down time with going to a repair shop. 3 or 4 days of down time wasnt acceptable. Too much lost $$$$ plus repairs cost. I dont know how many machines and what type , but keeping some packings and spare valves for the pumps and a unloader are necessary inventory. You can be up and running in no time.

Best regards

john orr

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Thanks for the input. I guess I have been lucky so far, as this is only the second pump problem I have had in almost 4 years. The first time (3 yrs ago) I found a rebuilt at the local Northern Tool store for $100. With direct drive, it only took 10 - 15 minutes.

This time, since we didn't know what was causing the problem, there was quite a bit of diagnostic work involved. I was "helping " the mechanic the whole time, so I now know how to rebuild a pump! Only one valve was bad, so I kept the rest of the old ones as spares.

I work on my equipment all the time, as well as oil and filter changes, but never had the courage to do the "delicate" stuff.

john orr

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You are right about being easy to rebuild...After figuring out what was wrong, it only took about 30 min.

Bill B

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Good thread. I have several 2021 machines and a couple of direct drive AR pumps. Have routinely replaced valves on the 2021 pumps, which I found rather simple. Any recommendations on other "easy to do myself" items? I would like to get spares on hand for those situations. I saw packing mentioned above; is that one of the "simple' items?


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Changing pump packings is a relatively simple procedure, and even easier with the proper tools. Packing extractor, and packing insertor.

Larry L.

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Yes,I agree with Mark,fairly easy to do,alot faster and better with the right tools.

Dan S

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Mark, how much money for the "tools" I have borrowed those which you mentioned ...... but it seems 2me that it was expensive to buy ......but handy to have now ..I need to do a over haul ...... and may have to resort to using my thumb.

Dan S

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John, You mentioned about the labor... $60.00... when I was having burner problems I took it to my local as well ....he looked for the problem changed some things that didnt need changed ...... and said it's your 12volt transformer ...uh okay but it's a 110V ....... then he played around and jacked around then said ...."it's your generator and I can get 'ya one for 568.00 ...

well it wasnt the generator after alot of trouble shooting and calls to my buddie Mark.I fixed it .

the local dude charged me for $60.00 for labor which I wont pay ...I sent him the payment which consisted of some parts and a gun,nozzels, etc... and told him in a letter that I wont pay the $60.00 he had in labor trying to find the problem..If he had found the problem then It would of been worth the labor dollars. I wasnt going to pay him to guess.......Im tired of getting ripped off.

If I would of did it his way I would of bought the generator and still have a problem........... freakin guy should do more homework if he plans on being in the business long .

he is another one of those power-washers turn dist........ heck when he was washing he could'nt do it right ...........


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I have not heard from Dan in years.

How is everyone on the PWN?

Hope y'all had a Merry Christmas

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