Need Distributors for New Product

Easy Restore

Easy Restore
We developed a new wipe on, water based vinyl shutter restoration product. This fits in perfectly with powerwashers and the services you provide. Our product restores the orginal color and cuts through light to heavy oxidation, puts on a high gloss sheen, provides superior UV protection and will never crack, peel or come off.

Please check out our products at Easy Restore Home Page.

Drop me an email to discuss the details of becoming a distributor.

Easy Restore

Easy Restore
I will gladly send you a sample. Just email me your address to where you want it sent.
I will send anybody a free sample to test it for yourselves. Just put in the subject line, Free sample-powerwash boards and I will get it out to you. The only thing I ask in return is some before and after photos for our website.. Easy Restore Home Page.
Would love some unbiased feedback.
So far, everyone that has tested it is blown away by the results.

Easy Restore

Easy Restore
Hey guys,
I had sent a few samples out to you all and was hoping for some feedback, good or bad.
Hopefully good with some before and after photos as well.

Easy Restore

Easy Restore
Hey all,

We are in the final stages of deciding on a retail package designer for our Easy Restore Vinyl and Plastic Restoration product.

I set up a contest and it is down to two finalists and I like both of their designs. The two final designs are at: Vote | 99designs. If you get a moment, can you stop by there and give your opinions of which one you like best? Does the design grab your eye if you walked by it in a store? Does the design let you know what the product does quickly?


Easy Restore

Easy Restore
I agree, but chose that one anyway. Fortunately, I can get the designer to make any changes so hopefully we can clean it up and get Easy Restore on the retail shelves soon.

Doug Rucker

Staff member
I like the yellow better. Stands out better. I am looking at the front and visualizing it on a shelf, The yellow one is going to get my attention far faster than the green one. If that is a mailer, I agree with Carlos, it is too busy. But in a store your not going to see all that until you pick it up, as most of that will be on the sides and the back. It is all instructional info. So out of the two you presented I like the yellow the best. I would have used a shutter before/after on the front though before I used a chair. Far more shutters out there than chairs. But that's me, everyone is going to have their own tastes. That's the thing about us small companies, we have to rely on a few friends, family, and others to help us on stuff like this. Large companies spend thousands to get "focus" group reports and such.

Henry Bockman

New Member
Honestly I think both are too busy, list benefits more prominently, instead of the product name and logo. If it works well word will spread about it quickly. I'll try a sample of it if your still looking for volunteers.

Easy Restore

Easy Restore
I changed the yellow to a black and dark gray background. Same design as the yellow one, but we feel the black stands out even better.

You can follow the changes on our facebook page. Easy Restore Restoration Products at FaceBook.


New Member
Rick, this is a business you are trying to launch and make successful so I will be candid. The website has 90% of things you should never do when selling a product.

1. Confusing looking design and navigation. It is not eye pleasing.
2. Multi size fonts with varying boldness
3. No selling of features or benefits
4. Talk about we, our, us. No one cares. What does the product do for ME?
5. Amateurish cartoon looking graphics that look like the clipart that comes from Microsoft Word.
6. Stressed again.. the tech talk.. who cares and not on your front page. Show me what the product does not what its made of (you can put that kind of info on a different page)
7. Lack of videos and social networking

If I were looking for some type of similar product I would probably click out and continue looking. If I stayed and went through thw whole site, there would still be nothing to entice me to buy it. It may be in your best interest, if you are serious about this venture to hire a professional to design a cohesive site with proper selling copy.

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