New guy introducing himself. Getting into residential pressure washing!


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How's it going everyone? Hope you all are keeping busy cleaning. I have been interested in the pressure washing and cleaning business for quite some time. Been doing a lot of research as to what area I want to focus on. So far this spring I have cleaned and sealed 7 decks. Everyone has been happy with the results and so have I. I am using cheap simoniz pressure washer that I bought for 80$ and it has been doing the job fine but I know an upgrade is needed soon.

With my buisness, it is going to offer interior and exterior hard surface cleaning, restoring, polishing and sealing.

Exterior is why I am here. I want to service decks, interlock driveways, patios etc. I do not have much experience so I will be posting pictures of jobs I have got and asking you what the proper procedures are in restoring if I am puzzled.

Washing and sealing decks and stone. I would love to hear from you guys. What equipment is efficient enough? What kind of sealer do you use? I am located in Toronto, if anyone close by or even in a northern state would be willing to teach me for a few days I would greatly appreciate it.

I will be talking to you soon as I have a job to check out and it is interlock patio with weeds which will be a first for me.

Take it ez


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