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Jeffrey B

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In regard to the problem I had experienced with that company from Tenn; I just wanted to let you guys know that everything worked out fine. I got the unit ( 2 weeks later ) and it is excellent.
The salesman had contacted me over the phone and told me he had seen my post about what had happened. They may have resolved the problem as quickly anyway but by them knowing that the board was watching couldnt have hurt. A united association works.
Thanks to all that voiced their opinion.
Best regards,
ps: Whats the best way to install a skid in a van?
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David Saulque

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I would install a Joey Bed. It is a roll out bed that your skid would set on. In operation your machine is outside and when off the unit is in the van. Nice units. If you give me a call I would be exchange info. Send me a Email.



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Hello David,

I tried to e-mail you but when I went to look up your address,
I kept getting a message that I was not registered?

I was looking for more information on the roll out Joey Bed.


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