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From what I seen in the pictures the product does not look like it works the way I heard! There is more of a masking taking place instead of a cleaning process.
Based on what I have seen and heard here I wouldn't try the product
A customer would think they were getting an inferior job.
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Pitch Witch???

Any pros or cons to the Pitch Witch? We keep thinking that it will be a good investment but we're surviving okay without it right now (no roofs yet though)


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Hey guys, need some help !

So started the business with a 500 dollars credit card 3 years ago and got bigger and bigger each year. As I can not always afford the top of the line washer I started small, burned many pumps and worked my way up. Right now I tackle business front, farms, gas station with a 3300 psi 3.8 gpm Husqvarnaw, so far no complaint. I am about to get a few contract for underground garages. Can any of you even if never own one can gie me their view on the Easy-Kleen Magnum Gold. My question is, how long can I have this unit run for without damaging my pump and what are the different used of such unit ie. can I used it for pretty much every type of pressure washing job. Here is the link. Easy-Kleen Pressure Systems - Products Listings I am looking at buying it from a farmer who was simply doing his machinery. used one summer. for 2000$

Thanks guys !


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not sure if im using this thread blog thing right, still trying to figure out how to post my questions etc ah well. Ok I am aware that marketing and promotion bs isn't allowed on this site but can anyone help me with suggestion of sites where I can get parts and stuff at a good price willing to ship to Canada. If possible send link Thank you, Jacky

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