Roof Cleaning Houston Texas_Summerwood

Doug Rucker

Staff member
I was recently called out to this home to give an estimate for removing these rust stains in the Summerwood area of Houston Texas. The home owner had received a letter from the Homeowners Association. After looking over the rust stain I then walked the entire property and pointed out a few other areas where I thought the home owner could benefit from our services at Clean and Green Solutions. The customer agreed and after agreeing to the price I gave him he asked me how soon I could start. He was so excited for us to get started and could not believe the difference. I have found that many home owners do not realize how much build up of mold and mildew, dirt, and grime, they have on their home and roof. It seems that they really don't notice it as it builds up slowly over time, but once pointed out to them they see it.
Needless to say this customer was extremely thrilled with the results, especially of our non pressure Houston Texas roof cleaning service that we performed.


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