Surface Edger

Doug Rucker

Staff member
Where you buying yours at Doug? Mine are easy to turn....bought em from Mark...I left one in AZ along with my favorite gun :smad:

two of em I got when living in Florida, the last one I got a few months ago from my supplier. Havn';t tried it yet though. If it doesn't work I'll be calling Mark based on your HIGH RECOMMENDATION.


New Member
These are the ones we use. Fairly durable but the valve handle can break if you drop your gun over and over.


Douglas Hicks

New Member
If you don't drop the gun it should last you a long time :)

I drop my wand and gun all the time. Sometimes there is no place to set it except on the floor. I am too lazy and too old to gently lay it on the floor. Just catch the wand/gun on your foot and lower it to the floor.

Clean County

New Member
Squeky Clean Pressure Cleaning
Chris Francis

Hey Chris you might want to check the spelling on "Squeaky" in your link above.

Chad Cobb

PWN TEAM - Moderator
I was trying to find it online the other day. Sometimes employees don't get turning the pressure down around flower beds. It may save them alittle time cleaning up bark.

Doug Rucker

Staff member
I just run my surface cleaner over the edges of the concrete.

Same here, but occasionally you get the house that is not edged quite to good for those I actually bring the weed trimmer and edge it, or I just use the adjustable wand, cut it down to low pressure and get it right on the concrete.

I doubt I would ever use the surface edger but just wanted to try it our for fun. I think it wold take more time to use it than it's worth.

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