What really happend in Houston, Texas

Jim, I'm confused. On one hand you are claiming that people didn't take your word about your equipment yet on the other hand you are demanding that Doug show his equipment (something that you wouldn't even do in the beginning)

How is what you are doing different from what you are claiming others did to you?

Also remember there were some who stood by you. There were many who believed everything you said. My RT was centered around your equipment. Would I have advertised it like that if there was any doubt about your equipment?

You were on one BBS at that time and I can't find a single post denying anything about your equipment. I think you make up the past to suit whatever your goals are.

Doug Rucker

Staff member
Jim, at the Pressure Cleaning School I teach Men and Women that are brand new to our industry and are just starting or are thinking about starting a Residential Exterior Cleaning and/or Roof Cleaning Business. My School is for persons that that have 3 years or less experience in the residential side of the business, but most are guys that are starting a new business. I cover everything from How to start their Business from a Legal and Accounting Standpoint, Environmental Awareness And Concerns, House and Roof Wash Mixes,ADvertising, Marketing, and even actual hands on training in cleaning a house, roof, driveway,pool and wood decks and much more. In fact here is a post of just a few of the things I cover, and understand this is just a partial list.

Clean and Green Solutions will be hosting it’s third “ROOKIE CAMP†for anyone that is considering getting into the pressure cleaning business or has been in the business for 3 years or less. The camp will be held in Houston on June 7th through June10th. We will start at 4:00pm on Tuesday the 7th and conclude on Friday the 10th at Noon.

Here is a sampling of just some of the topics that will be covered in both a class room setting and on the job training forum:
•An introduction to the Pressure Cleaning Industry,
•Setting up your Business and Small Business Basics and Liability Insurance
•Environmental Awareness and Concerns
•Estimates – How much should I charge???
•Detergents/Wash Mixes - What to use when and where???
•Marketing Your Business
•Choosing the Right Equipment for your business
•Operating and Maintaining Your Equipment
•Establishing Relationships with Distributors
•Residential and Commercial Cleaning Applications - On the Job and Classroom training
•Soft Roof Cleaning – On the Job and Classroom Training
•Soft Exterior Cleaning – On The Job and Classroom Training
•Driveway Cleaning
•Sales Techniques and Customer Service Skills

Each participant will receive actual hands on training as we perform an actual soft wash cleaning of a roof, exterior walls, driveway, and more.

A concluding Q & A regarding any topic that participants would like to address.

If you are interested in attending and would like more information please email me at dougrucker21@gmail.com or visit us at Pressure Washing School | Pressure Cleaning School| Pressure Washing Training
As for Environmental Concerns we teach about responsibility and working with your local jurisdictions. For anyone at my school that is considering getting into commercial work like parking garages or shopping centers, I always refer them to guys in our industry that have a real handle on that and shoot straight with them. Guys like Ron Musgraves, Russ Spence, Scott Stone, Sirroco Jerry, Mark Mcintyre, Paul Kassander, Tony Shelton, to name a few. I have had guys attend my school from Kentucky,Florida,New Jersey, Ohio, Texas and other places.

And since you bring up Texas and this is posted in the Houston thread, here is a little update on Houston. Ron Musgraves and I have had the pleasure of working with the folks here in Houston, and I might add it's been Ron more than I, and it has been great to see some real positive changes made here in Houston, and I for one really have to credit Ron for taking the bull by the horns and helping us out here. I really don;t think there is anyone out there in our industry that could have accomplished in so short a time what Ron has been able to accomplish. He is a true asset to the industry and to me not only personally but business wise as well. One of my biggest cheerleaders and supporters of my school too.

I am sure this probably has not answered all of your questions. As for videos and pictures of me and my equipment and operating it, I personally don't see what purpose that will serve and will politely decline that request, especially after reading above about the problems it has caused you. Sounds like you want to maybe play and game of who's $#%@ is bigger, and I'm just not into all that. Dog and Pony shows never really impress me, and I am certainly not going to be part of one here.

Glad to here everyting is going well for you and appreciate you inquiring about my school. I love to talk about that any time I can. One of my passions as you said is helping out the new guy's...whether they attend the school or not. Gotta go, gotta take my daughter on a golf cart ride and then dinner and then get ready for a busy day tomorrow.

Ron Musgraves

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The women who started all this is not in Business

Reported to me by a fellow compliant, environmentally responsible contractor:

Standard Parking hired a pressure washing company to clean 4 parking garages for a client in Houston. A pressure washer who had compliant equipment didn't get the jobs, a non compliant pressure washer did. The compliant pressure washer turned the non compliant pressure washer into EPA. EPA watched and filmed the pressure washer. All the wash water was flowing to the storm drain. At the end of the job, the workers shoveled all the solids (dirt, oil, grease, etc) that had dropped out of the wash water as it transversed across the surface and dumped into the storm drains. Standard Parking, the pressure washer and the customer were sued by EPA. This is when EPA put an emergency halt to all pressure washing activity in Houston for awhile.

Dozens of non compliant pressure washing contractors became enraged that the EPA and local authorities actually enforced the Clean Water Act regulations. They decided to hold a meeting with the local authorities, which, of course, didn't fair well for the contractors who refuse to act compliantly or do not have the capital to purchase the necessary reclamation and filtration systems.

As Jim Gamble stated back in 2008, the EPA and CWA enforcement would start spreading past California, and the naysayers attacked him back then.

Houston is just one of more than a dozen municipalities that are currently enforcing the CWA regulations, and many more will follow suit over the next couple years.

This will not only separate the professional, complaint contractors from the "splash and dash" lowballers out there, but will substantiate, finally, the costs per project that compliant contractors must charge.
Her website says she's an "environmental consultant" for municipalities. Better not let that get out too much or she'll be on the BOD of one of our orgs in no time!

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