1. Doug Rucker

    Cleaning Vinyl Siding Kingwood Humble Texas

    Cleaning Vinyl and Hardie Plank Siding in Humble and Kingwood Texas
  2. Doug Rucker

    Pressure Washing Houston Texas

    Don't ya just love Landscaping Companies that don't clean up after themselves.
  3. Doug Rucker

    Graffiti Cleanup Houston Texas

    Got a call yesterday to clean up this overnight graffiti mess made by Vandals in Houston Texas. The Woodland Oaks Homeowners Association was pleased with our results.
  4. Doug Rucker

    Tile Roof Cleaning Houston Texas

    Clean and Green Solutions completed this Houston Texas Tile Roof Cleaning
  5. Doug Rucker

    Roof Cleaning Houston

    Clean and Green Solutions completed this Houston Texas Roof Cleaning in the city of Dayton Texas. Dayton Texas is just outside of Houston. We cleaned the roof using our NON PRESSURE Roof Cleaning service and also cleaned the Vinyl Siding,Chimney and Removed Rust Stains caused by the irrigation...
  6. Doug Rucker

    Street Sign Cleaning Houston Texas

    Here are pic's of a street sign we cleaned up while we were doing the Houston Texas Townhome Cleaning.
  7. Doug Rucker

    Pressure Washing Townhome Houston Texas

    Clean and Green Solutions Pressure Washing Houston Texas completed this job last Friday. We started at 8:00am and completed it by 3:30pm. This is a 5 unit 3 Story Townhome complex that we were awarded out of 5 bidders. We cleaned all exterior surfaces, and the Driveway area in the back...
  8. Doug Rucker

    Houston Texas Sidewalk Claning

    Houston Texas Sidewalk Cleaning by Clean and Green Solutions. Call 281.883.8470 for more information.
  9. Doug Rucker

    Roof Cleaning Kingwood Texas

    Here are some Pics from a job we did this week. This job is from the Eagle Springs Community located in Kingwood Texas. This roof was cleaned using our NON PRESSURE cleaning method. When we do a Kingwood Texas Roof Cleaning service we NEVER us a pressure washer.
  10. Doug Rucker

    Kingwood Texas Roof Cleaning

    We did this Kingwood Texas Roof Cleaning FREE for the winner of the Raffle for Kings Manor Elementary School where my daughter attends. We gave away 6 driveway cleanings and 1 roof cleaning and this was the winner of the Roof Cleaning.
  11. Doug Rucker

    Birds Eye View Kingwood Texas Roof Cleaning

    Recently did a roof cleaning and house wash in Kingwood Texas Forest Cove neighborhood and this bird sat on the roof of the house across the street from us the whole time we were there. Great to have fans like this. My guess is he was just waiting to have a clean roof to sit on.
  12. Doug Rucker

    Wood Deck Cleaning Humble Texas

    We closed the year out on December 31st with a Non Pressure Roof Cleaning, House Wash, and this Wood Deck Cleaning in Humble Texas. This job was done in the Forest Cove neighborhood of Kingwood Texas.
  13. Doug Rucker

    Houston Texas Pressure Washing

    Here are a few more pictures of the job we did that we were initially called out for rust stain removal in the Summerwood area of Houston Texas. I have always found that doing an on site estimate for a customer is far better than giving prices over the phone. I enjoy meeting the customer and...
  14. Doug Rucker

    Roof Cleaning Houston Texas_Summerwood

    I was recently called out to this home to give an estimate for removing these rust stains in the Summerwood area of Houston Texas. The home owner had received a letter from the Homeowners Association. After looking over the rust stain I then walked the entire property and pointed out a few...
  15. Doug Rucker

    Roof Cleaning Tomball Texas

    Clean and Green Solutions recently completed this Tomball Texas Roof Cleaning job. We used absolutely zero pressure to clean this roof.
  16. Doug Rucker

    Concrete Cleaning Houston Kingwood Texas

    Here is some Concrete Cleaning we did in the Forest Cove subdivision of Kingwood Texas last week.
  17. Doug Rucker

    Graffiti Removal Houston Texas

    A Small Graffiti Removal Job I did today. Haven't done one of these in years. The City of Houston gives paint away for Free for property owners to paint over Graffiti, so we don't get a lot of calls for this. Can you imagine paining over this brick to cover up Graffiti?
  18. Doug Rucker

    Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing School January 2012

    Clean and Green Solutions will be hosting a Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning "ROOKIE CAMP" for anyone that is considering getting into the pressure washing or roof cleaning business or has been in the business for 3 years or less. The school will be held in Houston and begin at 8:00am on...
  19. Doug Rucker

    Pressure CLeaning School and Seal N Lock

    This months Pressure Cleaning School closed out with Seal N Lock Training and Certification. Mike, Gene, And Gearold, all local Pressure Cleaning Contractors from Houston attended along with Russ Heitman from Seal N Lock teacing the course.
  20. Doug Rucker

    Want to do it yourself??????

    Here is what can happen when someone attempts to remove rust stains without the proper equipment, cleaning products, knowledge, and experience. Hiring a Prodessional Pressure Cleaning Contractor will ALWAYS save you money in long the run. The damage done here is irrepairable and can not be...