Jon's Pictures of PaveClean demo

Richard R.

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Thanks Charlie,
That will be fine.
I hope your not going to Israel during your Sabbatical.
It sure is dangerous over there.

May GOD be with you.

Richard R

Mike Hughes

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I think I have answers for two questions that were brought up:

1) They claim the product is not only an absorbant, but also an adsorbant, or whatever that's called.......meaning, once it soaks up the oil, it doesnt let it go.

2) On the contrary, if the pavement is treated with PaveClean, and a car leaks on it, the paveclean that is left over on the pavement will help suck up the oil and prevent further staining. A regularly treated parking spot or whatever should be more resistent to staining as time goes on...........I think.


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Look back here in about 2 week, I am going to use the sample Jim gave me and do the same spot again, take my before and after pictures then go back in 10 days and do it again also with before and after pictures.

That might give us a tiny bit of a better idea, also this being a drive though dairy it gets all the cars that drip drip drip oil. High school right across the street, need I say more!

I think Mike H. mentioned something about a better idea of doing the same job a few times before we judge it, again it is not a cure all, only a tool.

That is why for all intent and purposes I cannot and will not knock this product, there is a place for it in our business, now if only the cost was in our pocket book I think a lot of us would try it a few times.

Oh by the way, did you see the ad for a like product on D-E-L-C-O'S board?


How do I find the Board that this Ron Guys owns? very interesting reading about this and no one has listed the link to this site so others can judge for themselves. Is this site that restrictive?

Dont e-mail me the link, if you cant post it here I would not want to particiapate on this forum.

Just wanted to say i've enjoyed reading the post from Bigboy, Mike H, Scott Stone and many others that are professionals in this industry, this BBS better not loose these guys, they will be in real trouble. :p

Dan Flynn

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I want everyone to read this post and this one from billy.

This is Ron. I know from his ip which is one of many he has and he's so smart he used the same password for this account as he did for his many others on the bbs. He also so smart the only 2 posts he has under billymac knocks this bbs, praises his pave clean friends and begs for his address to be posted. This reminds me of the videos you see. The dumbest criminals :)

If this isn't enough proof he is a conniving strange person. I stand corrected. This has been buried for a few weeks. I guess he's desperate. So regardless if I was quick enough to catch this crap or not. It's strange, deceiving and dirty. How come no other bbs owners act like this goofball? What is wrong with you Ron?

Yes you win again. You lured me in for a comment. But I won't let this stuff go. I almost forgot about your antics. Thanks just what I needed, you weird games.

Go away. You would think with your bbs and your job. It would consume enough of your time. If you want members. Scavenge the other bbs like you have and change your ways. You’re like a time bomb.

Your self-destruction is only a matter of time. But do me a favor and do it elsewhere. This has got to stop Ron.


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Pave Clean?

Looks to me like I could have mimicked those results with a heavy duty cat liter or floor sweep. I wouldn't have been pleased with those results.
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